Hunt Details

the hunt

Your adventure starts with pickup in Edmonton, Alberta, the day before the hunting starts. Your 3-day hunt consists of 3 morning goose shoots and 2 afternoon duck shoots.

In combination with over 10 dozen GHG fully flocked full bodies, real geese silhouettes, 10 dozen GHG full body and G+H shell decoys. We also have professionally trained Labrador retrievers. Stealth blinds as well as Power Hunters are used to hide us from incoming birds.

Each day begins with a Continental breakfast before the morning shoot. When the morning shoot has concluded it is back to the lodge for your hearty morning meal. Then you can relax at the lodge midday, practice-shooting clays, or just enjoy Alberta’s outdoor experience.

Dinner is served late afternoon and then it’s out to location for the duck shoots. Each hunter can expect to see literally thousands of ducks during his hunt! When the duck shoots are concluded it’s back to the lodge for a light meal and your evenings are yours. You can relax in the hot tub, enjoy the camaraderie around the fireplace, or watch satellite TV.

The goose shoots are pre-spotted by our experienced guides and located in pea, barley or wheat fields. Because of our Northern location, our relationship with the local farmers, and low hunting pressure, the birds that settle in these fields are not disturbed. The shoot is set up using our fully flocked full-body decoys and lay down blinds. The shooting is incredible!

Imagine hearing the wings of the Greater Canada Geese beating as their landing gear comes down and they settle into the dekes providing 10 to 40 yard shooting on these majestic birds. We also have fantastic gunning for Snow Geese and White fronted (specklebellies). Bring your calls and learn from our experienced guides “how to bring em in.” Also expect to shoot decoying mallards, pintails, green, blue and cinnamon teals, shovelers, and gadwalls to provide different styles of hunting. Your hunt concludes with transportation back to Edmonton.

From shooting “Giant Honkers” over fully flocked full body decoys in grain fields, to shooting Decoying Mallards and Pintails on Potholes, we will do “WHATEVER IT TAKES” to ensure your hunt is a safe and rewarding experience.