Ducks Unlinited Map of Hunting Region

“Parkland Alberta provides an array of opportunities for the wing shooter. The waterfowling in central Alberta is second to none. The aspen parkland is home to the highest densities of breeding mallards on the continent. Add to this, numerous flocks of locally raised Canada geese and tremendous numbers of migrating Canada’s, white-fronted geese, snow geese and ducks of all species. There is little doubt that the region is a waterfowler’s heaven. A long season and liberal limits only add to the package. All three species of geese with several species of ducks can comprise the bag limit on any single hunt. The migration is in full swing by the beginning of the season in early September and lasts until the end of October in most years.

Many of the best mallard hunts occur on small wetlands, locally known as potholes. The mallards stage on large bodies of water and at least once a day fly out to feed in nearby fields. The birds will virtually always fly into a small body of water near the field. It is here that the birds are intercepted. These hunts can be fast and furious, often with thousands of ducks recklessly winging into your decoys. Very often large parties of hunters are limited out by the time the sun paints the surrounding fields gold.”

Alberta Professional Outfitters Society

Ducks Unlimited Map of Hunting Region
Ducks Unlimited Map of Central Alberta

Aerial View of the Hunting Region
Aerial view of Alberta duck land